Frequently Asked Questions

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What new things are FBLA doing this year (opportunities for non business pathway students)?

FBLA is adding many different events beyond regular FBLA conferences and activities this year! Collaborating with @palyfinancialliteracyclub, we will be hosting weekly/monthly meetings where students can learn more about financial literacy such as borrowing, investing, earning power, financial services, money management, and much more. We will be participating in entrepreneurship competitions such as the Diamond Challenge for students to devise their own business plan and pitch their ideas. For students interested in stocks, we will be participating in stock simulations such as the Knowledge@Wharton Investment Simulation where teams can practice investing strategies while producing a deliverable of effective ones at the end. Lastly, we will also be inviting many guest speakers such as past FBLA alumni and major creators like FoodBeast throughout the year to speak on a variety of topics.

How does the requirements for FBLA work? (do i have to be in the business pathway to join)

Participating in the new events of FBLA this year will not have any requirements as the financial literacy presentations, entrepreneurship competitions, stock simulations, and guest speaker presentations are open to EVERYONE. Specific to the FBLA organization activities such as conferences, membership requires students to be enrolled/previously enrolled in a business class at some point during high school. However, with FBLA's expansion this year, FBLA is pushing to provide opportunities for all students rather than simply sticking with the organization's events.

Can you join as a freshman/how would freshmen benefit?

Yes! Freshmen are encouraged to join as FBLA will offer so many opportunities this year for students to try out various events that may interest them before choosing tech pathways or interests for the future. This would also provide an amazing chance for freshmen to meet others during distance learning as they are able to collaborate during meetings and team planning for competitions.

What does FBLA do during its meetings?

FBLA will be going over activities such as the financial literacy and guest speaker presentations during meetings while providing information about entrepreneurship competitions, stock simulations, and FBLA conferences (if conducted this year).

What skills do you learn from FBLA?

FBLA offers a variety of skills for students but the top 3 are definitely networking, communication, and critical thinking. Through FBLA, students will be able to meet people from all over with shared interests over business, computer science, graphic design, public speaking, etc. With networking opportunities through various competitions and conferences, students can develop their communication skills in cooperation and presentation while working with their teams to present their case studies. Lastly, FBLA offers critical thinking skills as students analyze which strategies are best applicable in marketing their creation or improving their investment strategies. Introducing new points of interests to students, FBLA offers a great combination of preparing students for the future with emphasis on networking, communication, and critical thinking.

How do you join FBLA if there's no in-person sign up?

We will be putting out a Google Form sign up sheet shortly on our website and Instagram for members to enter information to be added to our email list where we will send out updates in regards to FBLA.